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Why Promotional Products

Every organisation has the fundamental need to market their brand, product and/or services in order to survive in a cluttered marketplace.

This need to 'market' is perhaps best demonstrated by highlighting multi-national corporations, where image and branding is aggressively pursued in order to win consumer market share. It is not uncommon for an organisation's 'brand' to be their greatest asset.

The power of promotional products as a single or collective tool for this organisational marketing cannot be underestimated, and the many uses and purposes include:

  • Brand exposure
  • Staff uniforms & workwear
  • Events & functions
  • Incentives & awards
  • Gifts & giveaways
  • OHS & workplace safety
  • Advertising & promotions
  • Product & program launches          
  • Tradeshows & conferences
  • Marketing & communications
  • Media campaigns
  • Direct marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Sponsorships
  • Public relations
  • General merchandising

Marketing and building brands cannot be approached with generic vision. Every organisation has specific needs and objectives and sourcing the ideal product for the right target market or purpose and combining it with effective branding and preserving brand integrity can be highly logistical, complex and time consuming.

So whatever the reason for needing promotional products may be, making it happen effectively and efficiently can be a virtual maze with endless risks and pitfalls and requires expertise and specialised knowledge, time, and resources to do it right. 

With Katapult, you’ve landed in the right place!