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Help & Advice

Here is some general information, handy tips and advice, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Call us (03 9853 0919)

  • The most effective and efficient way to get things moving is to simply phone us and chat through your questions, queries, thoughts and ideas. You can rest assured we've covered it all before and we'll be able assist you with the next step and the best way forward.

Product Search

Here are a few suggested ways to browse and search for products.

  • Search Bar. Type a product name (eg. cap) into our search bar and press search icon. All products with 'cap' listed in the name will appear. You can refine your search by selecting the appropriate category (eg. headwear). Alternatively, you can leave the product area blank and search by the categories.
  • View Promotional Products. Clicking this button on the home banner will provide you with the major product categories. From here, you can navigate to the product category options and more specific product information.
  • Supplier Links. Clicking our 'supplier links' section provides direct links to our preferred supplier's respective websites. It's a good way to search for products if you prefer a specific supplier brand or want to see their complete product range.

Catalogue Packs

  • If you would like to browse our products and supplier ranges in catalogue hard copies and would like a catalogue pack sent out to you please contact us.

Can't find what you are looking for?

  • There is literally an endless array of products available. Listing them all on the Katapult website is neither wise nor feasible. We showcase popular products (thousands of them) from recommended suppliers but our website is a 'snap-shot' and by no means exhaustive. For this reason, it is often beneficial that you provide us with a brief and let us cover the full gamut of options and provide some specific recommendations to suit. It's what we do best!
  • Also, if you've seen a product somewhere else or have some product information just let us know the details. If it is indeed a rare occurrence if there's a promotional product that we don't know about.

Quote Cart

  • If you have 'requested a quote' and sent us an enquiry, we will contact you ASAP to obtain some further details. Prices are not provided automatically as there are usually many variables that influence costs. Typical questions we will ask in order to finalise the best prices are; How many do you need? What logo or branding would you like to use? And, when do you need the product/s delivered?

Custom Made

  • When standard promotional products don't suit the occasion and if a client is after a unique 'one of a kind' product, Katapult specialises in the design and supply of custom made products, through leading Australian and international manufacturers.
  • Everything that you may have seen (perhaps in the retail market), or almost anything that you can visualise or imagine, can be designed, created, manufactured and produced as a 'promotional product' for an organisation's promotional purposes. It just needs the right vision, knowhow and expertise.

With Katapult, you've landed in the right place!