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Wind (Bali) Flags



Wind flags have a different shape to the teardrop that allows for wind movement. They are popular for both outdoor and indoor eye-catching graphics. They can be used to replace existing flags, or purchased with new display hardware.

Bali Flags are available in 3 sizes that will suit most applications.

Small: 2.5M high (2 x 0.6M graphics panel)
Medium: 4.0M high (3 x 0.7M graphics panel)
Large: 5.3M high (4 x 0.8M graphics panel)

Single and double sided
All Bali Flags are printed using a digital sublimation process that ensures rich & vibrant colour reproduction with a long life-span. Single sided (mirrored) flags are printed to the flag textile with a direct sublimation process that produces a full image strike-through (95%+) mirror to the reverse. Double sided flags are printed as 2 images using a transfer sublimation process, before being bonded together with a blockout sandwich in-between.

Display hardware and accessories
A wide range of display hardware and accessories are available to suit the Bali / Wind flags. To download a PDF brochure of the accessories available.